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* Winner of the Mediaprize – Best Documentary of the Year *

For the first time in history the tables have turned on men. In the past “Witch-Hunt” was associated with women but now it is associated with men. In an effort to protect our children society has started to isolate men. This documentary explores the pedophilia hysteria and how all men are viewed as potential pedophiles.  How did society come to such a conclusion and what are the political and social consequences?

Have men really become victims of modern sexism or is the increase in sexism justified? Are All Men Pedophiles? 






“There is no cure for Pedophilia.” Professor Corine de Ruiter



* Winner of the Mediaprize – Best Documentary of the Year*

* Nominated for Best International Documentary * 

* Nominated for Best Documentary * 

* Nominated for People’s Choice Award *

*Top 3 Documentaries about Sexuality*













are all men pedophiles documentary holland the Netherlands  pedophile teen sex hysteria laws tv interview Все документальные мужчин педофилов Голландии педофил Нидерланды секс подростков истерии законы телевизионного интервью  すべての人の小児性愛者のドキュメンタリーオランダオランダの小児性愛者の十代のセックスヒステリー法TVのインタビューがあります 所有的男人恋童癖者的纪录片荷兰荷兰恋童癖的青少年性歇斯底里的法律电视台采访时



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